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Yazzii Large Crafting Iron Carry Case - My Review

I have a special treat for you on the blog today - a product review! I recently had the opportunity to try the Yazzii Large Crafting Iron Carry Case. I couldn't wait to tell you all about it!

In full disclosure, the wonderful owner of Yazzii Craft Organizers & Bags offered to send me this nifty carry case to try and review. This review is my honest opinion of this case. I believe in sharing helpful and efficient notions/tools with my quilty community. I would never recommend or endorse an item that I do not personally enjoy and use myself.

Yazzii Craft Organizers & Bags

Yazzii offers so many different types of crafting bags and carrying cases! I have to admit, I was unaware of all of the different sizes and specialties she offers – several newer designs too! I recently began offering in-person classes and soon realized I would need to efficiently pack up all my sewing gear to prepare for class and travel. Easier said than done!

The Yazzii Large Crafting Iron Carry Case

I received this adorable aqua case, and I immediately fell in love with the color, construction, and quality. It has two durable zippers and a nifty handle on top. The quilted sides of the case are sturdy as well.

While there are different brands and sizes of mini-project irons, it is no secret that my favorite is the Oliso mini-project iron. While this iron is a mini iron, it's still a bit larger to easily pack away for travel. I was happily surprised to find the Yazzii carry case perfectly fits the Oliso mini-project iron and the silicone trivet (used for storage and resting while the iron is in use).

With the trivet in place and the cord wrapped around the unit, my iron fit perfectly inside the Yazzii carry case! I love that I can take it from my sewing room and pack it up without having to readjust. Safety tip for you – make sure that your iron has cooled before placing it in the Yazzii carry case, though!

So what do I think?

I love the quality, durability, and functionality of Yazzii bags, and this iron carry case is no exception! I love that I can easily pack my mini iron and travel with little to no hassle. I also appreciate that it protects the iron too! So I'm packed and ready for class!

Take a look at the fantastic bags Yazzii Craft has to offer!

Affiliate Disclosure Policy: This website uses affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I've linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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