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Quick Guide to Aurifil Cotton Thread: Which Weight to Use for Your Sewing Projects

Are you looking for the perfect thread to use in your sewing projects? Look no further than Aurifil cotton thread! With a wide range of thread weights available, Aurifil cotton thread can help you achieve the perfect finish on any quilting project. I used to be afraid and confused when trying to pick the best thread for my project. Which to use for piecing, for quilting, it was also so confusing! When I became an Aurifil Artisan last year, I really challenged myself to learn and understand more and I’m so happy that I did! Today, I’d like to share some of that information with you and I hope I can help you understand various thread weights that Aurifil has to offer.

If you're a quilter looking to take your projects to the next level, choosing the right thread is crucial. We'll cover Aurifil 12, 28, 40, 50, and 80 weight cotton thread, discussing the pros and cons of each and when to use them. Whether you're piecing, quilting, or topstitching, we've got you covered. By the end of this article and video, you'll have all the information you need to choose the perfect Aurifil cotton thread weight for your next project. So, grab your project and thread and let's get started!

Aurifil 12 Weight Cotton Thread

If you want to add texture and dimension to your projects, Aurifil 12 weight cotton thread is the perfect choice. This heavyweight thread is ideal for quilting, bold topstitching, and decorative stitching. It's also great for machine embroidery, as it allows for more detailed designs. However, because it's so thick, it can be harder to sew with and may not work well with finer fabrics. You’ll want to make sure that you use a 90/14 topstitch needle and a 40 weight thread in the bobbin. I like to use Schmetz Microtex 90/14 Topstitch Needles.

Aurifil 28 Weight Cotton Thread

For lighter weight fabrics, Aurifil 28 weight cotton thread is a great option. This thread is still heavier than most standard cotton threads, but it's lighter than the 12 weight. It's great for quilting, as well as for general sewing and piecing. It can add some texture and interest to your seams, without overwhelming the fabric. You’ll want to make sure that you use a 90/14 topstitch needle and a 40 weight thread in the bobbin. I like to use Schmetz Microtex 90/14 Topstitch Needles.

Aurifil 40 Weight Cotton Thread

If you're looking for a versatile thread that can handle a wide range of projects, Aurifil 40 weight cotton thread is your best bet. This mid-weight thread is suitable for quilting, garment sewing, and more. It's strong enough to hold up to frequent use and washing, but not so heavy that it overwhelms lighter fabrics. It's a great all-purpose thread that's easy to sew with and produces beautiful results. You can use a variety of needles with this weight - 80/12 universal, 90/14 or 75/11 quilting needles and you have the choice of using a 40 weight or a 50 weight thread in the bobbin.

Aurifil 50 Weight Cotton Thread

For very fine fabrics or when you need a thread that won't add bulk to your seams, Aurifil 50 weight cotton thread is a great choice. This lightweight thread is still strong enough for most quilting projects. It's great for piecing and quilting and I use it exclusively for all of my piecing. I am able to achieve consistent seam allowances with the strength that I need in my patchwork. You can use a 80/12 universal needle with this weight and a 50 weight thread in the bobbin.

Aurifil 80 Weight Cotton Thread

Finally, for the lightest weight thread, we have Aurifil 80 weight cotton thread. This super fine thread is perfect for hand appliqué, English paper piecing, and other detailed work. It's so lightweight that it practically disappears into your fabric, creating a clean and seamless look. It's not suitable for all projects, but if you need a thread that won't add any bulk or show through your fabric, this is the one to choose. You’ll want to make sure and use a 70/10 or 80/12 microtex needle and a 80 weight thread in the bobbin.

In summary, Aurifil cotton thread offers a range of weights that can help you achieve the perfect finish on any project. Consider the weight of your fabric, the level of detail you want to achieve, and the type of stitching you'll be doing when choosing the right weight of Aurifil cotton thread. With the right thread in your sewing kit, you'll be able to take your projects to the next level!

Would you like an amazing thread guide from Aurifil about all of their amazing thread products? Visit this link to download the guide.

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