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My Favorite Sewing Notions & Tools

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced pro, the right tools and notions are essential for creating beautiful projects. In this blog post, I'm going to share with you my favorite sewing and quilting tools and notions – the ones that I rely on for getting the job done. Here's to a successful crafting journey!

Aurifil's white thread cone is one of the most popular threads for sewing and quilting. It's a large, spool-like container made of thick cardboard that holds about 5500 meters of thread. The thread itself is thick and smooth, perfect for piecing together projects with less bulk. It has excellent strength and incredible colorfastness, so it won't fade or shrink over time. Plus, the large cone size makes it easy to stock up on your favorites without taking up too much space in your sewing room!

I am in love with the newest product from Oliso-wool pressing mats! But not just any pressing mat…these connect with silicone tabs so you can make your pressing surface the perfect size! These mats are ideal for pressing blocks for quilt-making projects. Not only do they provide a flat pressing surface and even heat distribution, but the ability to connect them allow me to make my work surface as small or as large as I need. This makes it easy to press larger projects or multiple layers at the same time, saving you time and energy.

The Oliso mini-project iron is literally my right hand tool. I keep this mighty but little iron on my mobile pressing station that is next to my sewing machine. So as soon as I am finished sewing a block, I can press it quickly. This makes assembling blocks so much quicker! My favorite part? The precision tip of the iron is perfect for pressing seam allowances to get those blocks nice and flat!

Yes, you read that right! One of my favorite tools to have in my sewing room is Elmers School Glue. I keep a tube, a stick and their new precision tip tubes. I use the glue in a variety of ways, most commonly to hold seam allowances or small pieces in place and to glue baste my quilt binding.

I love using extra fine pins in my piecing. I find that the fabric doesn’t move or shift as much when I use these, as opposed to pins that may be a bit thicker. I love Clover Extra Fine Quilting Pins but I recently found the Taylor Seville Comfort Grip Magic Pins and they are great! They have a nice end to grip, which makes controlling the pins even easier. Then my pins aren’t rolling around my work surface as I try to hold on to them!

Every quilter knows that a great pair of scissors is a must! Well, in addition to my larger fabric scissors, I love these medium-sized scissors from Karen Kay Buckley. They are the perfect size to use in my applique or when I just need a small, sharp, pointed tip like these have! A perfect tool in the sewing room!

This small quilting ruler is sure handy to have around in the sewing room. Whether you need it for a quick measurement of your seam allowance or to assist you in piecing your block, it’s small enough to have near by without being bulky. There’s no excuse for an inaccurate seam allowance anymore!

If you have followed me for any length of time, you’ll know that this magnetic seam guide is my favorite go-to tool to ensure perfect seam allowances. This magnetic guide attaches to the bed of your sewing machine to ensure you have an accurate seam allowance. I make sure to measure and test my seam allowance and then place the guide where I need it. Then the fabric just follows the guide under your needle! Consult your manufactuer’s guide before using this type of magnet on a computerized machine though. Do you have a drop-in bobbin or plastic cover on your sewing machine plate? They make similar seam guides for you too like THIS or THIS.

I love my ergonomic rotary cutter by Martelli Notions. They also make separate cutters for right and left handed quilters! Gone are the days of using too much pressure on your rotary cutter, causing pain and fatigue. Also, if you have any type of physical impediment that makes using a rotary cutter difficult for you, this may be the solution!

Also from Martelli Notions, I love their rotating cutting mat. They make these in various sizes, but the 12” seems to fit most of my needs. Perfect for when I’m trimming a quilt block and I need to trim on all 4 sides. Moving the cutting mat instead of moving your fabric ensures that you eliminate errors that may happen when you are shifting your fabric!

To wrap it up, these are just a few of my favorite notions and tools in my sewing room. I could go on and on! But these are my “go-to” tools that I find myself using in every project and the ones I rely on. They all help to make sewing and quilting projects easier and more enjoyable. Plus, they provide me with high-quality results. So if you're looking for some excellent tools to help take your projects from good to great, these items should definitely be on your must-have list!

Affiliate Disclosure Policy: This website uses affiliate links, and I may earn a small commission if you purchase through these links. Please note that I’ve linked to these products purely because I recommend them and they are from companies I trust. There is no additional cost to you.

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