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Machine Quilting with 12 Weight Thread

When finishing a pillow with my new Sugar Coated Stars quilt pattern, I decided to try something new! I love the look of hand quilting with heavier weights of thread. But I have to admit, I don't always have the time or patience for hand quilting. So I decided to experiment with a different thread in my machine!

I decided to use 2 different weights of Aurifil Thread - one for the quilting in the middle of the star and a heavier for the outside outline of the star.

aurifil 12 weight thread pillow machine quilting

Tips on how to quilt with 12 weight thread

Using 12 weight thread in my machine was surprisingly easy with just a few minor adjustments! I sew on a Juki TL2010Q and had to make some minor adjustments to my tension to account for the heavier thread.

I used Aurifil Thread 12 weight in Grey and my usual go-to Aurifil Thread 50 weight in White in my bobbin. You can also use 40 weight in the bobbin.

I used my Juki walking foot, lengthened my stitch length to 4.0 and took my time. It turned out perfect! I used Aurifil 50 weight in Arctic Ice to quilt the center of the star in my pillow top. I love the look of the 2 weights of thread in the quilting! It was the perfect finish to this project!

Aurifil 12 weight thread pillow machine quilting

Tell me, have you tried machine quilting with a heavier weight of thread before? Do you have any other tips to share? I'll definitely be trying this again soon!


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