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Line of Sacrifice Pattern

Behind the Line of Sacrifice Pattern. The Line of Sacrifice quilt pattern was designed to honor first responders of all types – police, fire, military personnel and medical personnel. The design was inspired by the Thin Line Flag with the featured accent line which represents the first responder you are honoring.

The Thin Line Flag

The thin “blue” line flag was originally developed to show support and solidarity to police personnel and to honor injured or fallen police officers. In addition to the police, other public service branches have adopted thin line colors of their own. The display of a thin line design shows support for the associated service branch.

There are many interpretations and opinions about the historical interpretation and meaning behind the flag, but essentially, it is a sign of respect and honor to those who serve in various capacities. This pattern is my artistic expression of that flag and the meaning behind it.

My Inspiration

This pattern also hold a special place in my heart, as I actually began my career as a Police Officer. The desire to help the public and uphold the justice system required sacrifice in so many ways. My heart goes out to all of my friends and family who serve as first responders and in our military. Their sacrifice is truly amazing and selfless.

The Quilt Pattern

The Line of Sacrifice pattern includes instructions for a 17″ pillow, 33″ wall hanging, and 66″ throw. It also includes instructions on finishing a pillow with an envelope back cover and an option for hanging a wall quilt.

The pattern allows the flexibility for you to choose your own colorway, whether you want to choose a color to honor another first responder or a patriotic colorway! The options are endless!


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