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How to make a DIY Pet Snuggle Bed

Do you have a pet that loves to snuggle and burrow in their bed? Then this pattern is for you!

This beginner-friendly pet snuggle bed can be whipped up in a weekend! The bed consists of a pillow cover with an attached patchwork snuggle top flap and is enclosed with an envelope backing. The patchwork top of the pillow is an adorable touch! Simply insert a standard size pillow (20” x 26”), and your pet will be ready to burrow and snuggle!

The Project

I recently had the opportunity to collaborate with Camelot Fabrics and their new fabric collection, Dachshund Through the Snow Collection by Bex Morley. I have always loved the whimsical, fun designs from Camelot Fabrics. I was first introduced to Camelot Fabrics with another dachshund-themed fabric collection – Sweater Weather. I made my sewing buddy, Curtis, a doggie-sized quilt with that collection, and we were both thrilled with the fabrics! When I saw this new collection, I knew I wanted to create something fun for him again! I had the idea for a pet bed, but I wanted something that Curtis would really love. If you know anything about dachshunds, you know they love to burrow. Curtis never just lays on anything! He has to burrow, dig around, scratch, and find just the right snuggly, warm spot. So I knew I needed to create a snuggle bed for him! And, of course, I wanted to share this pattern with you!

Fabric Requirements

Fabric A - Assorted fabrics for patchwork top flap - 1/2 yard

Fabric B - Underside of top flap - 3/4 yard

Fabric C - Top of bed - 3/4 yard

Fabric D - Backing - 1 yard

I am using Camelot Fabrics - Dachshund Through the Snow Collection by Bex Morley for most of my pillow.

I decided to use a Shannon Fabrics Cuddle for my Fabric B & C.

The pattern is written for a confident beginner. I created a patchwork quilted top to incorporate these adorable fabrics!

The bed consists of a top flap cover and then the pillow cover. The envelope back closure allows for easy removal of a standard sized bed pillow.

The patchwork cover makes this bed not only comfy for Curtis but cute as well! I quilted the patchwork cover flap on my Juki TL-2010Q with Aurifil 40wt in Silver White.

The pattern includes instructions on making an envelope back closure. Need extra help with making your envelope closure? Check out my tutorial here!

Worried about your pup having an accident on the bed? I found these great waterproof bed pillow covers that I plan to put on the pillow under my quilted cover. If there are any accidents, then everything can just be thrown into the washer!

This project was a collaboration with Camelot Fabrics

Tools & Notions used in this project:

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