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How to hang a mini wall quilt

There are several ways to hang a mini quilt, from fancy to frugal! Today I’m going to show you one of my favorite methods that is simple and easy! All you need is 2 squares of fabric and a wooden dowel!

I've made my FREE Candy Heart Strings wall hanging and I'm ready to hang it! Did you get your free copy? If not, grab it HERE and then let’s get started hanging our wall hanging!

Hanging your mini wall quilt

We will need 2 fabric squares. What size you may ask? Easiest and best method is to measure the width of your quilt and divide by 4. This will be size your 2 fabric squares should be. Choose any fabric that you want. Technically this won’t be visible from the front so you could even use scraps. I’m using this adorable print by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.

Now we need to fold our squares in half to form triangles. Press!

Securing the quilt hangers

After your mini quilt is quilted and squared (trimmed), place it right side down on your work surface. Pin the triangles in each corner of the quilt, with the raw edges of the triangles aligned with the quilt’s outer raw edges. I enjoy glue basting, so that’s what I did in this instance. It’s so easy! I use Elmer’s washable school glue.

Add the glue along the outside edges of the quilt and the raw edges of your quilt. After gluing the triangle, press to heat set the glue. This ensures that the triangle will not move while attaching your binding.

Bind your wall quilt with the binding strips as you would a full quilt. The triangles should be sewn into the binding as the binding is attached. I attached my binding to the front of my quilt first. You can see how the triangles are attached as I sew the binding.

After I sew my binding to the front, I pull the strips to the back and press. Then I use Wonder Clips to hold the binding down.

I place my Wonder Clips fairly close together on my binding to make sure it’s staying in place and holding everything together!

Keep an eye on the triangles as you sew!

Then I stitch in the ditch on the front of my quilt to secure the back of my binding. You can see how nice and crisp the binding is from the pressing step above!

Ta da! All finished! Now we have two hanging pockets on our mini quilt! What to do next, well, let’s talk about how we hang the quilt!

First, one more look at the back of the binding and how the triangles have been secured under the binding.

Hanging the wall quilt

I use small wooden dowels to hang my mini quilts. These can be purchased at hobby stores or here is an example of a variety pack that I’ve purchased from Amazon.

Cut the dowel to the width of the wall hanging and insert it in the top two triangles. Now it’s time to hang your quilt!

My Candy Heart Strings Wall Quilt is finished and hanging beautifully near my Grandmother’s Singer sewing machine! What do you think?

Did you get your copy of the FREE Candy Heart Strings wall quilt? Well, what are you waiting for?

Grab your copy HERE!

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