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Aurifil Artisan - Neon Challenge

To celebrate Tula Pink’s new collection “Neons and Neutrals”, Aurifil Artisans were given a special challenge-create a project to highlight this beautiful new thread collection. Challenge accepted! First, let’s appreciate this beautiful collection! Aren’t these colors gorgeous?

I decided to make a wall hanging using raw edge applique. I really wanted the colors to stand out and have maximum impact, so decided to use a solid black for my applique piece. I’m so happy with this decision! And of course, how could I make a project to celebrate Tula Pink without using my favorite print - Fairy Dust in Whisper!

I found this adorable unicorn coloring page online and made a few adjustments. I made a template from the print out and then traced it onto ThermoWeb Heat ‘N Bond Lite fusible web. With the raw edge applique process, after tracing, I cut the piece out and fused to my black fabric. One last trim around the outside edges of my design and then I fused the unicorn to my background fabric (which I cut to 24” x 24”).

I normally don’t like to “eyeball” estimate where I should be sewing or quilting, so for the details inside the unicorn, I decided to use my Sewline Pink Ceramic Lead fabric pencil to give myself some rough guidelines for my sewing. I love that the lines will wipe off with a damp cloth.

Being a perfectionist, free motion sewing/quilting terrifies me! But I have grown to like free motion sewing around my raw edge applique. So I decided I would stitch in the various areas. I wanted this unicorn to be very free and natural!

Since I’m making a wall hanging, I decided that I would use the stitch and flip method for my backing instead of using binding. So I made a quilt sandwich with a light muslin fabric, Hobbs 80/20 Batting and then my little unicorn. I started free motion stitching the different areas using the different colors of thread.

LOOK! It’s really starting to take shape!

When I was finished quilting with the neon threads, I stitched around all of the raw edges and in between my sections with a black Aurifil 50 weight thread. Even though I don’t anticipate much contact with this wall hanging, I used the black thread to fix all the edge and prevent fraying.

I cut a piece of backing fabric in mint green to 24” x 24” and placed it on top of my quilted piece. I sewed around all four edges, approximately 1/4” from the edge, leaving a small gap in the bottom for turning.

I like to snip each corner, which helps reduce the bulk in the corners. Don’t clip too close to your seam though because when you poke out the corners, you could open your seam.

I turned the wall covering inside out and then I was left with my opening at the bottom. Fold in the raw edges. I like to press these so they don’t move or shift. I also press the entire wall hanging at this point, paying close attention to the edges where my seams are meeting and tend to be a bit bulkier. I use wonder clips to secure the folded opening. Then I top stitched around the entire wall hanging to close the open area and give the piece a final finished look.

And viola! I have a beautiful raw edge appliqué unicorn wall hanging! Working with Aurifil Thread is always a dream, and being able to create this special project with the new neon colors made it even more special!


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