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Aurifil Artisan - June 2022 Challenge

My first Aurifil Artisan Challenge was even more exciting than I imagined! Our June 2022 Challenge was to create a project using some the beautiful collection of threads we received in our Aurifil Artisan Collection Welcome Packages.

Everything in the collection is simply gorgeous! I had this adorable charm pack and chose a matching 50wt Aurifil Thread in Very Light Delft. I just knew that my first challenge project would have to be a project with my favorite 2.5" square patchwork.

I created this adorable patchwork project from a charm pack! I have a super fun and quick tutorial on how to make 4 patches from 5" charm pack squares, you can read about HERE. Instead of cutting all of the 2.5" squares used in this project, I simply used this fun technique to create them!

I initially had envisioned making a 20" throw pillow for this project, but as the quilting came alive, I knew that I wanted to display it in a different way. We have a beautiful wooden table on our back covered patio that my husband stained and finished. I knew that this project would instead make a charming table topper for that area! Now I can admire the patchwork and the quilting!

What do you think? I'm so excited to have my first Aurifil Artisan Challenge project under my belt and can't wait to plan the next!

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